Friday, 18 July 2014

Insurance Jobs in India

LIC Recruitment 2014-: No doubt that insurance is the sector, which is growing very rapidly along with fast speed in the country. According to the survey of the insurance analysts, India has a very huge potential for this sector. This is the only reason that India has practically observed many private foreign insurance players along with many joint ventures.

This is only happened while the government of India has allowed and restricted the foreign FDI that is known as foreign direct investments in the insurance sector in our country. More-over the government has put a maximum limit 60% of foreign investments in this sector in India. As per the IRDA that is known as the Insurance Regulating Authority of India now have total 0f 22 private players. IRDA is one and only insurance regulating body in our country and there is only one public player in India that is known LIC.

 LIC Recruitment 2014

LIC Recruitment 2014-: It is fact that the annual revenue of LIC accounts to 26% of government’s total annual revenue. This is the huge success for the Life Insurance Corporation of India. In India, there are approximate 8 million agents for LIC. Brokers are always playing a very important role in increasing customer strength. The main work of these brokerages is to collect the information from different customers via online and analyze their situation and offer best policy plan from them. After doing the same, brokers sell the policies by providing the customer information to agents and gaining the commission from those agents.

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